genetic disease

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Turner's syndrome is a genetic disorder involving chromosomal defects. Chromosomes are composed of genes made up of DNA. The chromosomes within the cell provide a blueprint for each person's development. Turner's syndrome affects girls who are missing the chromosomes that normal women have. This defect leads to different physical symptoms, mild or severe.

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of factors that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (such as coronary heart disease), kidney disease, and diabetes. Nearly 47 million adults in the United States have the syndrome. It is more common in middle-aged and older people.

It is a disease that is inherited in males. It can affect different stages of development, including physical, linguistic, and social development. Klinefelter syndrome affects about 1 in 400 to 1 in 1,000 males.

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic disorder that primarily affects the growth of nerve cell tissue. This causes nerve tumors and skin and bone changes. There are two types of NF1 and NF2. NF1, also called von Recklinghausen's disease, is a rare disease that occurs in 1 out of 4000 people. It occurs in both men and women and is associated with tumors of the brain, eye, spinal cord, and blood cancers. some kind of white which has no cure

It is a genetic disease that is mostly Affects the growth of nerve cell tissue. It causes nerve tumors and other disorders, such as skin changes and bone deformities. There are two types of occurrence: type 1 (NF1) and type 2 (NF2). NF2 is called bilateral acoustic neurofibromatosis. NF2 is uncommon, occurring in 1 in 33,000 people, affecting both men and women. and associated with brain tumors eye and spinal cord and some types of leukemia There is still a cure right now.

It is a rare connective tissue disease. which serves to hold the muscles Typically affects the skin and joints, but can affect the eyes or blood vessels. It is a genetically transmitted disease. incurable Most of the people with the disease live longer. except the group with vascular problems

an allergic reaction found on the skin It is a red, swollen, red, itchy rash. The hives are similar, but are deep in the skin. Anyone can have symptoms.

It is a disease caused by the adrenal glands not working properly. In the body there are two above the kidneys. Serves to produce hormones cortisol and aldosterone. Without these two hormones, salt and water are lost in the urine. and cause blood pressure to drop as well Potassium is very dangerous. There is no way to prevent this disease.

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