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It is a rare disease of connective tissue. which serves to attach muscles Typically affects the skin and joints, but can affect the eyes or blood vessels. It is a genetically transmitted disease. incurable Most of the people with the disease live longer. except the group with vascular problems

Caused by the mutation of the genes, which are abnormal. There are 11 types, but most of them are types 1, 2 and 3, occurring in 90%.

The skin is cracked and easily bruised. The joints can move more than usual. Knee and hip joints are easily twisted. If arthritis develops, it's more likely to cause joint dislocations. Other symptoms include mitral palate. Complications are slow wound healing and type 4 connective tissue disorders. vascular wall, small intestine, bladder will be weak and easily broken If it is a large artery, the faster it will die. Therefore, screening by ultrasound should be performed.

From the history taking, physical examination and family history Genetic code and chemical testing A small biopsy may be required for microscopic examination.


Can only treat according to symptoms and help support. prevent symptoms There is still no cure and cure. Surgery should be done with caution, if the stitches are bad, it may cause the wound to become abnormal and slow to heal. If the aorta is found to be an aneurysm, the doctor recommends surgery and close supervision. which depends on the severity of the veins

Things to do

It should be noted that if there is a type 4 connective tissue disorder and want to get pregnant

should consult a doctor first because of complications

Sunscreen should be applied.

You should have your eyes checked every year. Common myopia tests

You should inform your doctor if someone in your family has this disease.

Tell your doctor if you have stomach pain, joint pain, bleeding, or worsening of vision.

don't do

Do not participate in sports that risk causing abnormalities.

Don't miss a doctor's appointment

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