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is a disease caused by the adrenal glands not working properly. In the body there are two located above the kidneys. Serves to produce hormones cortisol and aldosterone. Without these two hormones, salt and water are lost in the urine. and cause blood pressure to fall as well Potassium is very dangerous. There is no way to prevent this disease.

This disease is caused by poor immune function. which produce substances that destroy the body's adrenal glands Other causes such as infection, tuberculosis, AIDS, or clogged arteries to the adrenal glands The adrenal gland itself may develop abnormal growth spontaneously from birth. Surgery, medication and X-ray imaging all have side effects.

Some people have no symptoms. Some people feel weak, tired, stomach upset, weight loss, decreased appetite, low blood pressure, depression, or changes in skin and hair. Darkening of the skin on the knees, elbows, lips, handwriting, and mucous membranes. People with sudden and severe symptoms of this disease need urgent treatment. which the severity occurs as a result of the stress of the body during the surgery Symptoms include severe vomiting and dizziness, diarrhea, very low blood pressure, leg and stomach pain, and loss of consciousness.

Your doctor will need to draw blood and urine to check your adrenal gland hormone levels. and taking X-rays and doing CT on the adrenal glands

Use steroid medication to replace hormones, eg hydrocortisone fludrocortisone predisolone.

Things to do
should see a doctor by appointment
You should take the medicine as recommended by your doctor.
Should understand with the doctor before surgery or taking oral medication.
Stress should be avoided.
Should take care of food such as salt to a normal level.
You should exercise regularly and not overdo it.
Tell your doctor right away if you feel weak, nauseous, have vomiting or have a fever, are tired, and have lost weight.

don't do
Do not eat foods rich in potassium.
Do not eat foods with a lot of salt.
Do not increase the dose of medication that is not prescribed by a doctor.

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