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It is an allergic reaction. found on the skin It is a red, swollen, red, itchy rash. In this urticaria it is similar, only it is deep in the skin. Anyone can have symptoms.

There is usually an allergic reaction to a new drug. eat new food or try on new clothes But even if there is food or medicine that has been taken before, it can be allergic. Hives are not an infection. Although other infections can cause hives. and can affect genetics


The main symptom is a painful swelling on the skin that lasts one to two days. The hives may spread from one point to another for several days. Maybe there are symptoms for several days. Hives can occur throughout the body such as the eyelids, lips, tongue, genitals, and can occur inside the body such as Intestinal or pulmonary effects can be life threatening.

The doctor will look at the appearance of swelling in the skin. Blood tests help with healing. including family history of hives

There is no cure, but the symptoms can be controlled. The best treatment is to eliminate the cause. If the cause is unknown therefore treated according to the symptoms Body lotions or creams do not provide relief. Antihistamines to reduce duty There are side effects such as dry mouth, drowsiness, etc. Strong medications such as steroids are used when antihistamines are ineffective.

Things to do

You should see your doctor immediately if you have difficulty breathing, chest tightness, abdominal pain. Hives take time to heal.

Ice should be applied to the swollen part.

Antihistamines should be taken in the right amount.

Should keep a record of allergens, food, beverages, soaps, perfumes that have recently been used.

You should inform your doctor if taking antihistamines doesn't improve.

don't do

Do not treat swelling with heat, cream or oil or lotion.


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