Long QT Syndrome

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Long QT Syndrome


Long QT Syndrome


Is the heart sending abnormal electrical current. The name comes from the graph on the EKG. It is a small current that stimulates muscle contraction. and while the heart muscle relaxes The cells are repolarized, causing cardiac disturbances. Fast and agile It occurs more often in children and adolescents aged 8-20 years.

may be transmitted through genetics caused by mutations in genes that controls the heartbeat If it is associated with congenital ear deformities, it is called Jervell and LangeNielsen syndrome. If the ear is normal, it is called Romano Ward syndrome. If it is a recent condition, it may be associated with medications such as quinidine, procainamide, disopyramide, amiodarone, antidepressants, psychiatric drugs, antihistamines. or taking erythromycin with ketoconazole

Fainting, frequent palpitations, seizures, no warning symptoms. may die suddenly Heart rhythm affects pressure. causing the level of consciousness to drop and death

from the symptoms shown and assessed from the EKG graph


No treatment is required if there are no symptoms. or no family history However, sporting events should be avoided. vigorous sport drugs that affect the heart People with arrhythmias or a family history of sudden death need medication. beta blockers and should be evaluated for a permanent pacemaker. Drugs are not intended to treat arrhythmias, such as beta-blockers, if symptoms persist. A pacemaker is required and an implantable defibrillator should be inserted. to defibrillate the heart to a normal rhythm

Things to do

Tell your doctor if you have heart palpitations. decreased awareness

Should understand about symptoms may be transmitted genetically. If someone in your family has been

should consult a specialized doctor

don't do

Do not play strenuous sports or exercise only according to the doctor's advice

Don't forget about allergy or synergistic drugs or infections.
Consult a specialist before using the drug.


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