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Caused by obstruction of the urinary tract to be excreted outside, causing the kidney to edema It can be cured depending on the cause. complications such as Bladder infection, high blood pressure, kidney failure, dehydration

obstruction of the urinary system in children caused by abnormalities of the urethra A urethra is needed to drain the waste. including helping to open up the ureter As well as narrowing of the ureter, it can help release filtered urine into the bladder. In adults, the cause of birth defects is frequent, such as kidney stones, enlarged prostate glands. Prostate cancer, other causes such as cancer of the bladder, uterus, ovaries, colon

Depending on the cause, such as ureteral stones There will be pain in the groin and blood in the urine. Men with prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate cause trouble urinating. frequent nocturnal urination urinary retention in the bladder People with colon cancer have blood in their stools.

From the history taking, physical examination Kidney ultrasound, CT


depending on the cause The goal is to clear the blockage. For sudden obstruction, a tube can be inserted to drain urine to relieve symptoms while undergoing surgical or medication treatment. Kidney stones are treated by a urethral surgeon. Together with pain relievers, fluids, or surgery or lithotripsy, large lesions cannot come off on their own.

Things to do

It should be noted that kidney edema is not a disease but a consequence of other diseases.

Keep in mind that prolonged kidney edema can damage kidney function.

You should see a urinary surgeon if you notice a swollen kidney.

You should see your doctor immediately if you have pain in your side with blood in your urine.

You should see your doctor immediately if you are unable to urinate or are less likely to urinate.

don't do

Do not forget that swollen kidneys can occur in both children and adults.

Don't miss a doctor's appointment to check your kidney size.


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