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Ascites is a disease in which excessive fluid accumulates in the abdomen. This is the space between the peritoneum. and abdominal organs Half of people with cirrhosis will develop ascites 10 years after diagnosis.

Caused by obstruction of the urinary tract to be excreted to the outside, causing the kidneys to swell. It can be cured depending on the cause. complications such as Bladder infection, high blood pressure, renal failure, dehydration

It is a genetic disorder that causes cysts on the kidneys. This causes the kidneys to not function fully and lose balance in the later stages. Nearly half of people with the disease develop end-stage renal disease.

Kidney cancer is an organ located above the waist. There is one on each side that filters the blood and eliminates waste. Renal cell carcinoma is the most common type of kidney cancer, approximately 90-95%, but the incidence rate in patients is still uncommon. The age of the symptoms is 50-70 years.

It is a disease of the adrenal glands that produce abnormally high levels of the hormone cortisol. which this hormone helps to control blood pressure and body stress It can occur in both women and men, but often occurs in women aged 25-45 years, which increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and obesity.

Caused by the adrenal glands producing too much aldosterone hormone. cause high blood pressure and low potassium minerals

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