Dupuytren’s Contracture

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Dupuytren’s Contracture

Dupuytren's Contracture

It is caused by spasms of the fingers towards the palm. It can occur in both hands or one hand, causing problems in using the hand. The disorder occurs in the age of 40 to 65. It is a non-fatal condition, but the hand may not fully functional

The exact cause is still unknown. not contagious It is more common among people who have been injured in hand injuries or groups such as diabetes, epilepsy, AIDS, etc.

fingers bent towards palm Feel the lump without pain in the middle of the palm making it difficult to pick up things Most of the time, Jaha has symptoms around the little finger and ring finger. who cannot place their hands on a level surface but feels uncomfortable when holding things

From the history taking, physical examination, it was found that the lump on the hand was not painful and hard. The fingers are bent towards the palm, the hand cannot be stretched. The skin covering the fingers becomes thinner and more white when the patient stretches his hand.


In fact, there is no need for treatment, but if it is treated, it will make everyday life more comfortable. The first thing to do is stretch and contract to exercise the muscles. Therapy can be used both before and after surgery, such as turning a doorknob. rotating water bottle cap Splinting is often ineffective. Steroid injections into the hand to slow down the symptoms of the disease. Surgery is performed by an orthopedist or plastic surgeon by surgically removing the removed tissue to bring the finger back to its normal position. But this back pull can be repeated again.

Things to do

Other factors such as diabetes, epilepsy, hand accidents should be controlled.

Protective gloves should be worn.

Hands should be practiced regularly every day.

don't do

Do not injure your hand.

Do not use the hand pattern repeatedly.



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