Fifth Disease

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Fifth Disease

Fifth Disease

It is a viral infection that spreads during winter and spring. It appears as a rash on the face. The name of the disease depends on the place where the child was found. Found in children aged 5-14 years, FIP is not preventable and is not contagious. People who have had no symptoms will not relapse as they have already been immune to the virus. In healthy patients, there are no complications, but children with pre-existing anemia increase the risk of complications. A pregnant woman can have a miscarriage if she has an infection during the first trimester of pregnancy.

From human parvovirus B19 spread through the air.

Symptoms appear 4-14 days after infection. Usually the symptoms last for 5-10 days, such as a red rash on both cheeks. There may be tiredness, headache, itching, and some people have a fever. For adults, there may be a slight swelling in the joints. But most people have no symptoms.

From the history taking, physical examination and does not require a blood test


There is no specific treatment. Give acetaminophen to relieve pain. Do not give aspirin because it can cause complications such as Reye's syndrome.

Things to do

Any symptoms that lead to erythima multiforme rash should be treated promptly. and avoid substances or drugs that cause symptoms

You should rest a lot during the treatment.

You should drink plenty of water.

Calami should be applied topically if itching.

You should inform your doctor if your symptoms get worse.

don't do

Do not give aspirin to children with PIP.

Don't worry that the rash will recur. especially when out in the sun or the temperature changes

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