Testicular Torsion

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Testicular Torsion

Testicular Torsion

Sudden pain when the testicles are deformed at the tip of the epididymis, which contains the blood supplying the testes. And when the terminal torsion occurs, the blood will not be able to feed the testes, causing ischemia and cell death. Testicular torsion occurs in men aged 12-20 years and infants. It is an urgent condition that requires urgent treatment.

Before birth, the testicles form and develop as they grow, the testicles descend into the sac. The testicles are attached to the abdominal wall by the epididymis. Sometimes, these tissues become drooping, causing it to easily depolarize.

There is a sudden pain in the testicle area along with possibly abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. The testicles become swollen and tender and are pulled back in the abdomen.

From the history taking, physical examination An ultrasound scan to confirm the diagnosis and rule out other diseases, which shows the blood supply to the testicles.


Immediate treatment is required to prevent the destruction of the testicles. by fixing the twisted area and aligning the original position If there is no internal treatment 4-6 hours after pain Testicular meat may die. and may have to be cut After the surgery, rest and put on the scrotum support. avoid heavy lifting, play sports

Things to do

You should be treated promptly if there is pain and swelling in your testicles after the surgery. Because the testicles can twist the pole again.

Tell your doctor if you find any hard lumps in your testicles.

Tell your doctor if you have fever, bleeding, or pain after surgery.

don't do

Don't ignore pain or be embarrassed to see a doctor. Should be treated immediately before the testicles are lacking blood.

Don't miss an appointment to see a bladder surgeon.

Don't be mistaken, one castration has no effect on erection. or having children

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