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Testicles do not enter the sac Caused by the testicles unable to descend into the scrotum while still in the womb, the testicle usually descends into the abdomen and descends into the scrotum for a short time before the baby. will be born in which the condition occurs in 3% of children who are at full term and 30% in children who are born prematurely

The exact cause is unknown, perhaps due to insufficient maternal hormonal output or poor development of the testicles. This may be due to a blockage in the descending passage of the testicle or the mother may have taken certain hormonal drugs during pregnancy that affect the displacement of the testicles down into the scrotum.

It can be seen and felt that the testicles are not in the correct position without the child having any other symptoms.

The doctor examines the newborn baby. More than 80% of the mother will refer to the inguinal canal, which is the passage down the abdomen below the building. The mother will take an ultrasound to look at it again. and the testicles have not yet been found. A CT scan is used to determine the location of the testicle, or perhaps a transabdominal surgery is needed.


The testicle will normally descend into the scrotum on its own without treatment. If the problem is not known, the testicles need to be done. Surgical removal of the testicles not descending into the scrotum, if not treated, may affect future sperm production. Men with testicular failure regardless of surgery or not. The higher the condition, the greater the risk of testicular cancer.

Things to do

You should come to the doctor for an appointment for a physical examination.

Tell your doctor if your baby is in pain.

don't do

Don't worry too much, as the testicles will usually descend into the scrotum on their own without needing treatment.

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