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(ACROMEGALY) is a disease of tissues. The bones of the face, head, hands, and feet grow out of their normal state. is a rare disease The disease occurs during middle age and is fully grown, but other organs are still growing.

This disease occurs when the anterior pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone. which is caused by a tumor or gland that is larger than normal

Bone enlargement, hands, feet, head, and face. Other symptoms include headache, blurred vision, joint pain, numbness and tingling in the fingertips, high pressure, numbness in the fingertips or carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood sugar. Irregular menstruation Thicker skin on the scalp, jaw, lips, tongue, snoring, and more space between teeth. Bass can also cause arthritis, heart disease, and sleep apnea.

Physical examination and blood test to check levels of growth hormone, CT MRI to look for abnormalities in the anterior pituitary gland.

Finding and Treating Excessive Growth Hormone Levels can control this disease Surgery is performed when a tumor is found in the anterior pituitary gland by incision in the nose or above the lip. but will not leave any scars
Participate in radiation therapy and medication Surgery can't reduce the amount of hormones in the body immediately. which must be supervised by a specialized endocrinologist to see the symptoms by using drugs to adjust the hormone down This disease requires lifelong medication.

Things to do
You should follow your doctor's advice about taking your medication.
should see a doctor regularly will be checked for blood pressure, blood sugar and look at heart, eye disease and complications that will follow
You should inform your doctor immediately if your vision is abnormal, severe headache, numbness and pain in your nerve endings. chest tightness, etc.
Tell your doctor if you get side effects from your medication such as vomiting, dizziness, hot flashes.

don't do
Don't be in a hurry that your symptoms will go away immediately after treatment.
Don't be afraid when it comes to getting multiple treatments.
Do not forget to have your eyes examined when you see your doctor as scheduled.

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