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Fat tumors occur under the skin and muscles, usually on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, thighs, and other parts such as the intestines. Fat tumors are not malignant and are more common in adults of all ages.

Skin injury in the resulting subcutaneous structure. from exposure to excessive heat or certain types of light or objects with high heat The severity of the wound depends on the depth of the wound. It is divided into grade 1-4 burns, where grade IV burns reach the deeper layers of the muscles below the skin.

Since the foreskin is too tight around the penis for the first 1-2 years, it will gradually loosen. Foreskin stenosis is an inflammation and redness of the skin that occurs when the foreskin is tight.

It is an inflammation of the adipose tissue under the skin. It is a raised, red bump on the legs, thighs, arms and other parts of the body. The disease is more common in adolescent girls, but can also occur in other sexes.

It is a rare disease caused by inflammation and weakness of some muscles and skin tissue, affecting both adults (ages 45 to 60) and children (ages 10 to 15) more women than men.

It is a rare connective tissue disease. which serves to hold the muscles Typically affects the skin and joints, but can affect the eyes or blood vessels. It is a genetically transmitted disease. incurable Most of the people with the disease live longer. except the group with vascular problems

HFMD is caused by a viral infection of the throat in young children under the age of 10. Mild disease, no specific treatment, heals on its own in 2 weeks.

It is a viral infection that spreads during winter and spring. It appears as a rash on the face. The name of the disease depends on the place where the child was found. Found in children aged 5-14 years.

red swelling Sometimes it breaks into a blister. in the form of minor symptoms It is a red rash that can heal on its own and does not cause complications. found in children and adolescents Occurs about 1-2 times a year for about 2-4 weeks.

Skin inflammation is caused by environmental stimulation of the skin. May be transmitted in the same family with fever, allergy, runny nose in the family. In the United States, it occurs in 1% of adults, 5-10% of children have skin inflammation, itching, if scratching, additional infections may occur.

It is a chronic inflammation of the skin with red, scaly edges. Found in areas exposed to light, especially the face. scalp and neck It affects women more than men in the age group 20-50 years. not genetically transmitted Some people can develop SLE, affecting other organs.

a chronic disease Repeated blistering of small blisters on the skin. An outbreak can last for days, weeks, months. or even a year dermatitis herpetiformis is unusual

It is a disease that causes irritation on the skin after an irritant is found.

an allergic reaction found on the skin It is a red, swollen, red, itchy rash. The hives are similar, but are deep in the skin. Anyone can have symptoms.

Fungal infection of the feet or ringworm It is more common in athletes to have a characteristic (ring or oval shape), but this is not a cause of infection. These infections are named for where they occur, such as ringworm on the body.

It is a fungal infection called Candida. It occurs on the genitals, mouth, skin, nails, in the vagina it is called vaginitis. In the mouth it is called thrush. Diaper rash in babies is also caused by fungal inflammation.

It is a chronic skin disease in the mucous layer. will be red and swollen like an allergic rash and become blisters in weeks or months Males and females are equally likely to develop symptoms. It is more common in people over the age of 60. Children may have symptoms.

It is a type of skin cancer in which tissue grows slowly and does not spread to the rest of the body, most commonly found on the head and neck in areas exposed to sunlight. Occurs in people over 40 years of age

Acne, or chronic inflammation of the skin, is found in adolescents and improves with age. It can sometimes be found in older people.

It is caused by a virus called rabies virus that is infected by an animal bite. Which the infection lives in animals such as wolves, skunks, raccoons, bats, foxes, which domestic pets have the right to get this infection.

It is a contagious disease of the skin and tissues. Most often occur in young people. for example in children aged 2-8 years In adults, the symptoms are more severe and last longer.

It is a viral infection of the top layer of skin and is highly contagious, especially in children and adolescents. If the genitals will be called a sexually transmitted disease

Caused by infection of the skin and tissue beneath that area

It is a skin cancer caused by melanosides. which produces the pigment of the skin It begins to form as tiny particles and spreads to nearby areas and deep into the skin below. It reaches the lymph nodes and veins and eventually spreads to the liver, brain, lungs, bones.

It is a disease that is often found in minor skin infections. Usually occurs in children or infants. It can spread quickly from person to person just in crowded places. It is passed from siblings to siblings or people who are close to them.

It is a skin disease that is sensitive to the environment. May occur in conjunction with low-grade fever, asthma, allergic rhinitis. This disease causes inflammation, swelling, redness, itching. When it is very itchy, it will scratch your hand until it breaks and is at risk of infection.

It is an infection of the skin and hair glands or the skin at the base of the hair. When the gland ruptures, an infection develops as white pustules appear on the skin. can happen to anyone

Scars are caused by tissue regenerating than normal. Can occur anywhere in the body when injured, such as burns, large pimples, scratches

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