Basic of Life The heart beats and breathing is the basis of life.

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Basic of Life The heart beats and breathing is the basis of life.

The heart beats and breathing is the basis of life.

​Respiratory and circulatory system It is essential to human life, which relies on vital organs, the lungs and heart, to exchange and carry oxygen to the organs of the body. Whenever not breathing, lung and heart function will fail. will lead to death due to lack of oxygen to the organs

Lung function and heart failure Can be caused by many reasons, such as severe injury Asphyxiation, drowning, suffocation, smoke, foreign matter, airway obstruction In addition, the heart itself fails for many reasons, such as acute myocardial ischemia, heart attack, cardiac arrest. Heart injury, lightning, electric shock, etc.

When the lungs and heart fail As a result, the patient died quickly. Because organs lack oxygen, they lose their function and will gradually die. especially the brain and heart will die the fastest within 3-5 minutes only

In the early stages of the heart before it stops beating, there is an abnormal electrical conduction of the heart. This condition is called throbbing heart Immediate defibrillation therapy is required to restore normal defibrillation. This results in a 70% higher chance of survival compared to only 20% assisted chest compressions, so we currently identify the use of this tool to help people with cardiac arrest in public.

In medicine, we usually only use it by doctors. But nowadays there is an invention of this type of tool available easily. Making it available to ordinary people, we call it an “automatic defibrillator” or AED.

Due to the announcement of the emergency medical committee Prescribing the use of an automatic defibrillator as first aid for starting actions to save lives or help patients) while waiting for medical practice from a professional or medical assistant at the scene and while moving the emergency patient. Therefore, the general public can Able to use an automatic defibrillator

With today's technology, defibrillators can show performance By visual and audio (Chest Compression feedback) during chest compressions to provide good, effective assistance. enabling real-time display It will be recorded together with the quality while doing it. Cardiopulmonary compression (CPR; resuscitation) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)Yes This important information is practical during CPR. CPR quality is dependent on chest compression rate, depth, retraction, and minimal compression stoppages. There have been studies that the use of CPR performance monitors can help increase survival rates. Chest compression feedback has therefore been included in the 2015 Lifesaving Standards.

Basic life support and defibrillation Its purpose is to provide adequate oxygen and blood to vital organs. before the organs lose function and die In order to prolong the time enough for the doctor to have time to determine the cause. and can be treated promptly before the organs die

Therefore, basic life support is the primary care process To provide vital organs with enough oxygen and blood before they die. to delay the time for the doctor to treat it in a timely manner

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