CPR for Layrescuser for the general public

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CPR for Layrescuser for the general public

Resuscitation project and the use of an automated electrocardiogram in the workplace

Training course for resuscitation and the use of an automatic electrocardiogram in the workplace

principle and reason

Due to the announcement of the Emergency Medical Committee Prescribing the use of an automatic defibrillator as first aid for starting actions to save lives or help patients) while waiting for medical practice from a professional or medical assistant at the scene and while moving the emergency patient. Therefore, the general public can An automatic defibrillator can be used, but if a machine is required It is necessary to have knowledge in resuscitation of the patient by resuscitation Or, in general, we use the term cardiac pump with chest compressions and ventilation. Employees will be able to help employees together, so it is necessary. Passed training on resuscitation and the use of an automatic electrocardiogram.


1. In order to properly revive

2. In order to recover life in a timely manner

3. In order to use the automatic cardiac defibrillator. correctly

4. In order to use the automatic cardiac defibrillator in a timely manner.

Training topics
1. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automatic cardiac resuscitation in adults
2. Heart pumping (resurrection)
3. chest compressions
4. ventilation
5. opening of the airway
6. breathing
7. respirator use
8. Using an Automated Electrocardiogram (AED)
9. Assessing victims and calling 1669/ambulance/rescuer

Summary of steps, heart pump and automatic ECG recovery machine, ready to practice

Training techniques

1. Lecture

2. Role play

3. Practice

4. Exam

Expected Benefits

1. Employees can assist unconscious workers accurately and timely.

2. Trained staff can accurately assess the situation.

3. Trained employees can Ask for help from 1669

4. Trained staff can pump the heart properly.

5. Trained staff can use the ECG defibrillator correctly and safely.

Training evaluation and follow-up methods

1. Theory exam, passing criteria 60%

2. Practice Exam simulate the situation

training schedule

​Resuscitation training program and the use of an automated electrocardiogram in the workplace

8:00-8:30 Register and receive documents

8:30-8:35 Opening ceremony of the training by Dr. Somchai Sae-Jia

8:35-9:00 General principles and methods of resuscitation

9:00-10:00 Principles of using an automatic electrocardiogram. and use of masks

10:00-10:30 snack break

10:30-11:00 hands-on practice and general questions

11:00-12:00 Exams, practical and theoretical exams (if required by the enterprise) and lecture summaries.

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