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It is a condition in which air leaks from the lungs. There is usually a small amount of fluid to protect the lung surface from the chest cavity. which allows the lungs to expand well If air leaks into the pleura, it can cause the alveoli to collapse.

When air leaks into the pleura through a hole in the chest wall, air in the lungs leaks. or a lung leak from an accident, such as a broken rib and stabbing a lung or gradual lung leaks usually occur in emphysema patients

short rapid breathing Sharp pain in the chest, especially when breathing in and out, and other symptoms such as fainting, weakness

from history taking, physical examination A softer lung sound was found on the side of the air leak using a stethoscope. A lung X-ray confirms the diagnosis of air leaks. Doctors measure blood oxygen levels and electrocardiograms.


It depends on the severity of the air leak in the lungs. Small holes can heal on their own. If it is large, a needle puncture may be needed to allow air to drain into the lung and allow the lungs to expand fully. If the hole is wider, it is necessary to put a pipe for ventilation and hold it for 1-2 days.

Things to do

Tell your doctor about any other medications you take on a regular basis.

Tell your doctor if you're pregnant.

Tell your doctor if your symptoms get worse.

You should tell your doctor if you have a fever or purulent discharge from your lungs.

You should notify your doctor of any recurrence of air leaks in your lungs.

You should inform your doctor if you have symptoms of acute shortness of breath.

don't do

Do not remove the tube in the chest cavity by yourself.

Do not let the strong steam cause more air leaks.


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