Anal Fissure

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 Anal Fissure

 Anal Fissure

A ruptured wound around the anus It can happen to both women and men, both children and adults. Wound fractures occur in babies 6-24 months.

Caused by hard stools, difficult to pass stools, constipation or stress affecting bowel movements and other causes, such as inflammation of the anus and rectum area Crohn's disease, or Inflammation of the intestines also plays a part. Other risk factors include excessive bowel movements, diarrhea, infection, cancer, accident history. Other infections, such as anal fissures, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, CMV, HIV, or trauma from bowel surgery or anal sex. or the elderly who drink less water causing constipation including women who have just given birth

There is pain and burning with tears when defecation. There may be fresh blood mixed with stools. Other symptoms include itching, discomfort or ruptures around the anus.

From taking a history taking a physical examination by inserting a machine into the rectum to send laboratory tests and endoscopy to confirm that there is no recurrence of colon cancer by slanting with a rectal camera to collect a biopsy for examination


No treatment or surgery is required. Just give stool softeners, soak in warm water, change lifestyle habits, such as eating foods that are high in fiber. Drink plenty of water, exercise, use an anesthetic or nitroglycerin. ointment around the anus In cases of prolonged rupture and retraction, botulinum toxin may be injected on both sides of the sphincter. Most people get better within a few days of treatment. If supportive treatment is ineffective for 4-6 weeks. may need surgery For babies, keep around the baby's anus dry. change diapers and cleaning around the anus

Things to do

Should exercise, eat symptoms that contain fiber. drink lots of clean water

You should see your doctor immediately if there is any rectal bleeding.

don't do

Do not stop taking medications that soften stools on their own.

Do not use any medication other than the one prescribed by your doctor.

Do not ignore new abnormal symptoms.


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