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It is an organ surrounded by the stomach, intestines and other organs. produces gastric juice and the hormone insulin These enzymes are transported to the intestines. Inflammation and swelling of the pancreas affects digestion. And if the symptoms are immediate, along with other complications, it can be life-threatening.

Most are caused by gallstones and alcohol. Others include medications, abdominal surgery. pancreas or intestinal disorders Blockages due to scarring of the pancreas, cancer and pancreatic infections

Occurs in the right upper abdomen with pain within 1-2 days often with severe symptoms Symptoms may radiate to the back or chest. symptoms appear immediately Increased pain when eating Nausea, vomiting, and fever may occur.

from history taking, physical examination along with urinalysis, blood and CT or abdominal ultrasound Blood tests to check levels of amylase, or lipase, an enzyme made by the pancreas. will be higher when the pancreas is infected with calcium, potassium, sodium bicorbonate There may be a changeable value. Sugar and fat in the blood can increase. After treatment, the values ​​will return to normal.


Hospitalization, saline solution, mineral salt replacement such as potassium, calcium, if vomiting cannot be controlled. A tube may be inserted into the esophagus to drain water and air out. pancreatitis patients Can't eat for 3-4 days, have to give salt water and painkillers. in people with severe symptoms It is necessary to provide nutrients through the blood vessels for a period of time. Surgery is necessary if there are infections, vesicles, and bleeding. If the cause is caused by gallstones, surgical removal of the gallbladder is performed. After severe pancreatitis symptoms subsided.

Things to do

It should be known that pancreatitis is life-threatening and is an urgent condition.

You should see your doctor immediately if you have stomach pain. vomiting blood Alcohol history, jaundice, yellow eyes, spasms muscle

don't do

do not drink alcohol


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