Colon Cancer Screening and Prevention

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Colon Cancer Screening and Prevention

Colon Cancer Screening and Prevention

The colon is one of the digestive systems. The digestive system starts from the mouth to the stomach, followed by the small intestine. And after digestion and absorption of food is complete, it will be left as fiber that slowly moves through the colon before reaching the rectum and out into the anus.

colon cancer is

tumor occurring in the large intestine which is the most common cancer in the digestive system Also known as adrenocarcinoma. which cancer can be found in the cecum and can spread to nearby organs Colon cancer starts with the presence of small polyps on the surface of the colon. which these polyps are sometimes not dangerous Maybe it can turn into cancer. which colon cancer can be transmitted genetically If you find that someone in your family has a history of this type of cancer Should immediately see a doctor to check for cancer-causing genes. Bowel cancer caused by abnormal genes, such as familial adrenomatous polyposis (FAP) and Lynch syndrome.

Having abnormal bowel movements such as constipation or diarrhea smaller stools or the color changes to black Fresh bleeding through the anus, abdominal pain. Perhaps the patient has no symptoms, but the blood test reveals iron deficiency due to prolonged bleeding. Early detection of colon cancer is considered good.

The doctor will examine the rectum (DRE) and collect a stool sample to check for intestinal bleeding. which results may be inaccurate from eating food or medicine that looks like blood The surgeon will use a rectal endoscopy, also known as a colonoscope. A biopsy is taken to look for cancer cells under a microscope and a CT scan is performed to determine if the cancer has spread to nearby organs. A new screening method called CT colonography is performed by injecting air through the anus. which, before doing so, have to clear the feces out first If abnormalities are found on CT images colonography should come by appointment for colonoscpoe again to collect tissue samples for examination

Things to do
should be aware of the importance of colon cancer screening
Should start testing at the age of 50 if someone in the family has a history of cancer.
You should come by the appointment your doctor ordered.
Should eat vegetables that are high in fiber.
should control weight
You should exercise regularly.

do not do
Don't forget to come for the screening.
no smoking

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