Erythema Nodosum

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 Erythema Nodosum

Erythema Nodosum

It is an inflammation of the adipose tissue under the skin. It is a red, raised bump on the legs, thighs, arms and other parts of the body. The disease is more common in adolescent girls, but can also occur in other sexes.

Common causes of drug use include contraceptive pills, penicillin, sulfa drugs, infections, other diseases, sarcoidosis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, lupus, pregnancy, and many other unknown causes.

The main symptoms are red blisters on the legs that are painful, swollen, red, hot, and tender and occur suddenly. A blister develops from pink. red and magenta And become dead within 7-10 days and recover within 8 weeks. If the symptoms reappear, it will take weeks or months to heal. Fever and swelling in the knees and ankles

from pain in the area of ​​the skin A skin sample may be taken for examination. Additional history taking, physical examination, chest rang, blood test to determine the cause and treat specific


Depending on the cause, for example, if the drug occurs, stop the drug. If it's caused by an infection and then given medication, sometimes there's pain, elevate your legs or put on socks. Take aspirin and nsaid to reduce pain or inflammation. Or soak your feet in warm water to reduce swelling and pain and cold water to reduce itching. If symptoms are severe, steroids such as penicillin are needed.

Things to do

Medication should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

should follow the treatment guidelines

Tell your doctor if you have any side effects from your medication.

You should tell your doctor if your symptoms do not improve.

You should notify your doctor if any new abnormalities occur.

don't do

Do not use any other medications other than those prescribed by your doctor.

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