Erythema multiforme

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Erythema multiforme

Erythema multiforme

has a red, swollen appearance Sometimes it breaks into a blister. in the form of minor symptoms It is a red rash that can heal on its own and does not cause complications. found in children and adolescents Occurs about 1-2 times a year and lasts for about 2-4 weeks. The severe form, called Stevens-Johnson syndrome or erythema multiforme major, is often severe and requires treatment and hospitalization.

More than half of the patients had no known cause. The most common causes of skin irritation are infections, allergies to medications such as penicillin or vaccines, or morning sickness. hormonal changes Illness or cancer duty

Minor forms of skin are red blotches or blisters on the face, mouth, arms, and legs on both sides of the body. The blotches are shaped like a bow target. and can enlarge into a blister, fever, joint pain, muscle pain can occur In severe form, there is a high fever, blisters, blisters, itching, ruptures in tissues in the mouth, nose, eyes, genitals, arms, skin. Complications are complication, the symptoms disappear in 4 weeks, but the mouth ulcers last for months. The eyes if not treated can lead to blindness.

rash examination doctor and taking history blood test to check for infection Biopsy to rule out other causes of disease


Identify the cause and symptoms If there is an allergic reaction to the drug Stop the drug if you have a bacterial infection. to use antibiotics Skin itching, only the moisturiser, the symptoms will be relieved. Use mouthwash for mouth sores. Rinse your eyes with saline or ointment on the skin near your eyes. You may also consult an ophthalmologist. If the symptoms are severe, hospitalization is required.

Things to do

Any symptoms that lead to erythima multiforme rash should be treated promptly. and avoid substances or drugs that cause symptoms

Soft or liquid food should be eaten when the mouth ulcers.

Should use a cold cloth to compress the blister area.

You should see a doctor immediately if your eyes hurt. vomiting or diarrhea

You should notify your doctor if any new or worsening symptoms occur.

don't do

Do not apply creams or oils to the bleeding wound.

Do not take a bath or soak in hot water. May cause skin irritation.


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