Tinea Pedis

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Tinea Pedis

 Tinea Pedis

Fungal infection of the feet or ringworm It is more common in athletes to have a characteristic (ring or oval shape), but this is not a cause of infection. These infections are named for where they occur, such as body ringworm (tenia corporis), scalp ringworm (tenia capitis), athlete's foot (tenia pedis), and (tenia cruris) groin ringworm. foot ringworm It is often seen in adolescents and adults. during warm weather But it can happen at any time. It can heal in 2 to 3 weeks, but it will recur. if not protected

from Trichophyton or Epidermophyton. These fungi are small. Microscopy is required. Moisture, sweat accumulates in the area and socks. sweltering heat Public bathing increases the chances of infection.


The skin becomes dry and cracked between the toes, along with itching, and the heels are sparse. Skating, dead skin, burns, and sometimes small blisters may be found, foul odor, cracked skin, itching between toes and scratching increases the likelihood of infection.

History taking, physical examination See the changes in the skin Sometimes a heel tissue scraping is required to confirm the diagnosis.

keep feet dry wash your feet clean Peel off the scales and dead skin. Antifungal powder, cream can be applied to the wound area. Your doctor may prescribe an antifungal medication. prevention of infection from recurrence The drug should be continued for 1 week after the symptoms improve and the rash disappears.

Things to do

Your feet should be washed and dried at least once a day during and after the treatment.

Always wear clean, cotton socks.

You should change a new pair of socks every day.

Feet should be washed and dried after exercise.

You should notify your doctor if your duty has not improved after 1 week of treatment.

You should immediately notify your doctor if you find any unusual infections.

don't do

Do not scratch the wound on the feet.

Do not wear socks made of synthetic fabrics, they will dampen your feet.

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