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Diaper rash is a fungal infection called Candida. It occurs on the genitals, mouth, skin, nails, and vagina. It is called vaginitis. In the mouth, it is called thrush.

Anyone can get a fungal infection. The infection usually stays on the skin and does not cause disease. Too much humidity can cause the fungus to grow. Pregnancy, diabetes, weakened immune systems, or frequent use of antibiotics, antibiotics or steroids increases your chances of developing fungal infections. infection


The symptoms of vaginal yeast infection in women are itching. burning urine White vaginal discharge, foul odor, oral thrush will form as white patches on the tongue. Cracks in the mouth, red swollen gums, fungal infection in the nails, splits between the nails and pain at the base of the nails. yellow or brown Skin caused by fungi such as itchy, moist, irritated appearance

Collect samples with lesions on the genitals, mouth, and nails for examination to confirm the diagnosis.

The doctor prescribes antifungal medication, ingestion, rubbing or smearing around the vagina depending on the lesion. including treating partners in persons with vaginal yeast infection to prevent the spread of infection And wear clean, airy clothes. Treatment heals in 4-7 days. Mouth and skin heal in 1-2 weeks. Fungus in nails. take longer to heal

Things to do

should keep the genitals clean wear airy clothes Do not use chemicals to wash the womb wearing a condom during sex

You should avoid using your mouth when you have a yeast infection in your vagina.

The moss should be washed and dried if the nails have fungal infection.

Change diapers often and keep your baby's bottom dry.

Should keep the skin clean

Diabetes symptoms should be kept stable and take antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor.

don't do

Do not wear tight underwear. and having sex while having a vaginal infection

Do not wear rubber pants. not transparent to the baby increased risk of infection

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