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Swelling and irritation of the tip of the penis It is more common in men who have not undergone genital mutilation. Inflammation of the skin that covers the penis Therefore, those who are circumcised will not have this symptom. Found both children and adults.

Yeast and bacterial infections bladder infection sexual contact not kept clean Use of lubricants, trauma, or the foreskin that tightens the penis


Swelling, redness, heat at the tip of the skin of the penis Pain and difficulty urinating unable to control urination foul-smelling secretions If not treated, it may form a blister and burst into a wound.

History taking, physical examination The secretions may be collected for culture to see if they are bacteria or yeast. Blood tests to look for more serious infections, such as diabetes and syphilis.

dermatitis prostatitis responds well to treatment Treatment depends on age, cause, and the person who hasn't been circumcised. Treat by opening the foreskin up and soaking in warm water. If symptoms are mild, antibiotic ointment can be applied to the area. If the symptoms are severe, antibiotics may be required. If found a fungal infection Antifungal ointment applied to the wound area. give steroids to reduce swelling Wound healing depends on the cause and treatment recommended by your doctor. If the symptoms are mild, they will heal within 5-10 days, if severe cases will take longer.

Things to do

It should be kept clean by opening the foreskin and washing the tip of the penis.

You should wear a condom during sex.

Should use topical or oral antibiotics as prescribed by a doctor.

Use soap to make it easier to open the foreskin.

You should notify your doctor if your symptoms do not improve within 3-4 days.

Should notify the doctor if there is pus or bleeding through the organs.

don't do

Do not stop the antibiotic before it is finished, even if your symptoms have improved.


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