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Acne, or chronic inflammation of the skin, is found in adolescents and improves with age. It can sometimes be found in older people.

Testosterone is found in males but is less common in females and increases during early adolescence. Stimulates the oil glands on the skin and in the middle adolescence, it will be more As the skin becomes more oily, some people have clogged pores along with a bacterial infection causing red, inflamed pustules. Boys are oily and acne is more severe than girls. Diet has no effect on acne.


Red rash on the face, shoulders, back, small blisters, black heads, white heads, or pus

skin check Blood tests may be done to select the appropriate medication without side effects.

Treatment in 1-2 weeks, acne symptoms can improve or get worse. Eat healthy food, exercise, nourish your face with salicylic compounds. and wash your face thoroughly Wash your face gently, do not use a scrub. Acne treatment is to prevent the formation of new acne. Using disinfectants such as benzo yl peroxide, erythromycin, and clindamycin, which can both exfoliate and kill acne.

Things to do

You should eat nutritious food, exercise, wash your face thoroughly. at least 2 times a day

Use the medication or cream prescribed by your doctor.

Should use cosmetics, sunscreen or oil-free shampoo.

See your doctor if your acne is getting worse or scarring.

don't do

Do not squeeze the pimple head as it will cause infection and scarring.

Do not use drugs other than prescribed by your doctor.

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