Second-Degree Heart Block

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Second-Degree Heart Block

Second-Degree Heart Block

The heart normally pumps blood from the upper atrium to the lower ventricle. Electricity runs from SA node to AV node and then runs from left to right. The heartbeat is interrupted due to slow electrical current to the AV node in which the atrial is functioning normally. But the lower chamber is wrong. Second-Degree Heart Block affects the AV node type I block, and the transmission affects type 2 block. Risk of complete blocking. Enlarged heart. Heart attack.

Sometimes the type I heart block has no known cause. Perhaps from existing problems such as ischemic heart Myocarditis, digoxin use, or heart failure since type II block, caused by a heart problem.


Rarely have symptoms If symptoms are accompanied by insufficient blood that the heart pumps to the outside of the body will feel tired, dizzy, faint, if the symptoms are severe will be tight in the chest or cerebral ischemia

Use an ECG for diagnosis. This shows that there is a problem with the electrical conduction of the heart.

If symptoms are shown, A pacemaker to cause the heart to contract further. A pacemaker may be placed outside the body or implanted inside. But be careful when approaching a strong magnetic field.

Things to do

Eat foods that are good for heart health. Low fat and low cholesterol

should lose weight

should stop smoking

Tell your doctor if you have lightheadedness, fainting, chest tightness, rapid breathing.

don't do
Do not exercise until your doctor permits.


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