erectile dysfunc

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erectile dysfunc

erectile dysfunc

A man's inability to maintain an erection until sexual intercourse is complete. which is a problem that is very problematic for the relationship between two people

caused by both physical and emotional states in a very young man Often have problems with cardiovascular disease. other parts such as regular medication neurological symptoms Some hormones are deficient in diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, and sexual dysfunction is the most common and difficult to diagnose.

Main symptoms: The organ is not erected until the end of the sexual mission. If it's a matter of sex Problems in men are often caused by stress, anxiety, emotional ups and downs, insomnia, anxiety over sexual performance. If it is a physical problem Caused by less blood to feed the legs. have chest tightness Shortness of breath during exercise, which may be related to heart disease Diabetes is also associated with sexual dysfunction.

Your doctor will take a history of your period and erection at different times. such as during sex or the erection period after waking up The debate about abnormal organ function is very important in treatment. If a man does not have a disease that causes impotence. So not having an orgasm or not having an erection in the morning indicates a malfunction in the brain chemicals.

The basic procedure for treating insecure men when having sex is simply consulting with their partner to help and reduce anxiety during intercourse so that you do not feel a failure to have sex. By shifting the focus of the partner to other points. If the problem occurs physically Use medications such as sildenafil(viagar) verdenafil (Levitra) tadarafil(Cialis), which in men is a heart medication nitrglycerin Therefore, sex stimulant drugs should be avoided. or another way to help injecting papaverine into the implant To increase the blood supply to make it harden. Some people may have surgery to add a prosthetic organ to the organ.

what to do
You should tell your doctor the truth about erectile dysfunction seriously.
Always tell your doctor all your regular medications, such as blood pressure medications, antidepressants, or drugs that cause erectile dysfunction.
should be open to their own sexual partners
You should relax and exercise regularly. and eat healthy food
You should immediately notify your doctor if you find any blood or strange colored secretions coming out of the implant. Feeling pain during intercourse, or if the penis is still frozen after sex, or depression, thoughts of suicide

don't do
Do not expect perfect sex if you are stressed, sad, or depressed.
Do not use drugs that induce clotting if taking heart medications. which affects vision and should not be used several hours before boarding a plane.

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