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Caused by a colon infection Maybe it happened in the liver.

It is caused by an amoeba from a parasitic group called Entamoeba histolytica, usually found in the tropics. Especially in congested and dirty living areas. Dysentery is a disease that causes diarrhea caused by parasites that destroy the intestines and stomach. People who get this parasite from drinking unclean water. or eating contaminated food Insects and other insects spread the infection. And the disease can also be transmitted through anal sex.

Onset of symptoms after 2-4 weeks, in some cases a month. Some people have no symptoms. The most common symptom of raisins is diarrhea 10-12 times a day. bowel movements over time blood transfusion Severe abdominal cramping and pain Slippery pearls are mixed with feces. There may be fever, back pain, and fatigue.

History taking and physical examination And collecting stool samples for colonoscopy to look for parasites The doctor will recommend endoscopy to the sigmoid colon or colon by endoscopy inserted into the colon to collect a sample of the intestines to diagnose other causes.

After taking the medication, symptoms will improve within 10-20 days. and will check the stool again to see if the parasite is really gone

what to do
You should take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor.
should drink a lot of water
You should wash your hands often to clean, drink boiled water or soda if you go to the place where this infection spreads.
Make sure the food you eat is cooked.
You should wear a condom during sex.
Notify the doctor immediately if taking medicine prescribed by the doctor.

don't do
Do not drink alcohol during treatment.
Do not swim in rivers and canals.
Do not eat fresh vegetables unpeeled fruit Undercooked fish, shellfish, or eaten on ice when you're in a place that doesn't look clean.
Do not stop the medication on your own or increase the dosage.

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