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is an infection with salmonella bacteria in the stomach and intestines Some people with mild infections will get better within 4-7 days without treatment. Many people can spread the infection if they eat the same food, such as in a restaurant, and some even have severe diarrhea. need to provide water to replace

It is caused by infection by eating food contaminated with salmonella, especially in eggs, beef, fruit, milk or contaminated water. Cooking over heat reduces infection. And this infection is still in the bathroom. If you go to the bathroom and don't wash your hands thoroughly, you can get infected.
The main symptom is diarrhea. about 2-3 times a day If severe, diarrhea may occur every 10-15 minutes. There may be blood in the stool. Stomach cramps, vomiting, fever, headache

by examining feces, blood and urine; blood tests to rule out other causes of disease

Moderate infections from inflammatory bowel disease Therefore, there is no need to use drugs to treat symptoms that will improve within.
24-48 hours. If possible, use the bathroom should be separated from the infected person. In which washing your hands can help prevent the spread of infection in another way. For people with a fever or a serious infection such as typhoid fever, antibiotics will be needed. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. or Gatorade Pedialyten water should be taken until diarrhea is better and Eating regularly and eating slowly can make diarrhea worse, so avoid it for a while. For severe diarrhea, intravenous fluids should be given.

what to do
It should be cooked thoroughly, whether it is meat or pork.
Should choose to eat fresh food. Salad vegetables that have been left for a long time should not be eaten.
You should only eat pasteurized milk.
You should bring your own water bottle.
People who are infected with salmonella should be avoided.
Notify to avoid infected animals
You should drink mineral water until your diarrhea improves.
Eat foods that are high in calories and control them in moderation.
Immediately notify the doctor if there are symptoms of dehydration such as withered skin and urinating less or darker
Should inform the doctor if symptoms last more than 48 hours and have increased fever, diarrhea. yellow skin, yellow eyes

don't do
Do not use the same bathroom if it is not kept clean.
Do not eat undercooked food such as meat, eggs or milk.


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