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cocaine cocaine

In the 1920s, cocaine was dubbed as a popular and cultural drug used in secret social gatherings.
dosage forms of cocaine
Cocaine is a white powder from the leaves of the coca plant. Addiction by inhaling through the nasal cavity, injecting into the veins, smoking like a cigarette When mixed with opioids, it is known as speedball.
drug effect
The first symptoms shown are feeling unusually good, happy, talking more, loss of restraint more sexual feelings assertiveness physically and mentally Sleep efficiency is less than eating and drinking. Then followed by a state of intoxication, hallucinations. paranoid all the time and became depressed in later stages when depression Anxiety also causes the addict to continue to take it again and again.
Hallucinations persist if the drug continues for a long time. which can turn into hallucinations, paranoia, decreased cognitive performance The body has to adjust to drug tolerance, such as an enlarged heart, or damaged membranes or nasal cavity.
cocaine addiction symptoms
Walking staggered, heart beating fast to the point of a heart attack. Increased body temperature, profuse sweating, seizures from tranquilizers.
lack of medication
Feeling uncomfortable, restless, hangover, etc.

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