alcohol poisoning

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alcohol poisoning

alcohol poisoning

Alcohol dependence is a condition that usually occurs in people who drink alcohol regularly. in excess
is drinking more than 14 drinks per week or more than 4 drinks at a time
Drinking more than 5-6 glasses of alcohol per day is known as having severe alcohol dependence.
by the amount of 1 glass of liquor will have alcohol equivalent to 12 oz can of beer or 5 oz wine or 1.5 oz 80-proof liquor
Patients will present with severe alcoholism, drunkenness, and alcoholism. from drinking for a long time
Alcohol is one of the four leading causes of death. in the United States

addicted to alcohol What is it??
Alcoholism is often seen in people with close relatives. It's the same chronic alcoholism. as well as being more likely to become addicted to other addictive substances such as nicotine

symptoms of alcohol addiction
1. have a shallow breathing in and out
2. Feeling of chest pain like a sharp object when inhaling and exhaling.
3.Feeling faint and weak, lacking strength. Treatment
Alcohol addiction is a disease that is difficult to diagnose. Patients tend to deny that they are alcoholics.
and try to hide the symptoms
Symptoms can come in many aspects, including behavior. physically and mentally
- Behavior They may have feelings of guilt, anxiety, irritability, and inability to control their own drinking.
malfunction, default hurt yourself or others I can't remember any symptoms after drinking.
Physically, symptoms can occur from time to time or as a late stage symptom of alcoholism, with symptoms such as unsteadiness, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, profuse sweating, palpitations, forgetfulness, and yellow eyes.
Psychologically, symptoms include mood swings, depression, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, forgetfulness.
Diagnosis of alcohol dependence Doctors often diagnose alcohol dependence based on the patient's history of alcohol consumption behavior. and blood test Look at kidney and liver function. and look at the functioning of the body

Treatment of alcohol dependence The success of treatment depends on the patient believing that alcohol dependence is a problem.
The treatment consists of 12 steps: cessation of alcohol, education, detoxification (withdrawal from drinking) and peer support, housing/work assistance, social support. /Treatment, coping skills
Withdrawal from drinking may include sweating, confusion. treated using a group of drugs benzodiazepines to calm the patient and other drugs may be given to reduce alcohol cravings.
Stopping drinking is hard. Patients often have worsening symptoms after treatment. which the patient must understand and accept This deterioration is caused by a disease. and must continue to try to stop drinking

Things to do
You should tell your doctor the truth. about the amount of liquor drunk
It should be supported by a group of friends, mentors, friends and relatives.
should understand about treatment and have a positive attitude about treatment even with relapse
You should see your doctor if you have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach burning, trouble breathing, blood transfusions.
You should see your doctor if you have suicidal thoughts.

don't do
Never lie to your doctor when asked about alcohol use. , notify the doctor even without asking
Do not stop treatment Even if you have a bad day
Do not drive while drinking

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