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lung infection can be born at any age but usually occurs under the age of 40 is 5-20 years Some people stay sick and treat themselves at home without realizing that they have pneumonia. This infection can occur throughout the year. especially during winter

Infected by airborne transmission such as coughing which will be contaminated mycoplasma that causes pneumonia, which is highly contagious if in a crowded place such as a school

Symptoms are usually very mild. about 2-3 weeks After a bacterial infection, coughing, chills, sweating, chest tightness and sore throat which when exposed to this infection causes ear and throat infections

From the history taking, physical examination Your doctor will order an X-ray of your lungs. blood and sputum tests to assess the severity For those in the emergency room, blood oxygen should also be measured.

Taking antibiotics, usually 5-14 days, the duty started to improve. The first 1-2 days of taking the drug But a cough can last for weeks. Nasal sprays and nasal decongestants are needed, rest, and diet. Staying hydrated is important for recovery.

Things to do
Antibiotics should be taken as prescribed by the doctor until the due date.
Acetaminophen or aspirin (except in children) should be taken for fever and pain relief.
should drink a lot of water
See your doctor if you suspect mycloplasma pneumonia due to illness, fever, shortness of breath, and sputum.
Should notify the doctor if it does not improve after 48 hours of treatment.
There should be an air purifier to help relieve the symptoms of phlegm.
You should immediately notify your doctor if there is blood in your sputum.

do not do
Don't be around people with chronic illnesses when you're sick. Because it makes more sick after getting infected with mycloplasma.

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