vaginal infection

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vaginal infection

vaginal infection

It is caused by an increase in the number of endemic bacteria or the presence of foreign bacteria causing irritation, inflammation, swelling, and a foul odor, especially after sex. As a result, the endemic bacteria in the vagina are disturbed and multiply. This is the main cause of vaginal infections. The urethra opens to the bladder. which the bladder and the genitals may be infected as well Most bacterial vaginosis infections occur after having a baby. However, it can happen at any age.

The cause of the imbalance of endemic bacteria is unknown. Factors associated with bacterial vaginosis are: change sexual partners often Douching the vagina regularly Bathing at too high a temperature Not kept clean, however, even women who have never been sexually active can become infected. The risk increases when you have diabetes or a weakened immune system. This may be obtained from a public toilet. or a communal swimming pool

Will smell like rotten fish after sex or have more clear or cloudy secretions from the vagina. burning sensation in the urethra area when urinating itching around the vagina with red swelling and pain during intercourse

The doctor performs a pelvic exam in the vagina and takes a sample of secretions to determine exactly what bacteria it is.

Antibiotics (metronidazole, clindamycin) are available as an oral and vaginal suppository. If not treated promptly, complications such as pelvic inflammation Uterine tissue grows in the wrong place. cervicitis Having trouble getting pregnant Infection after surgery

Things to do
See your doctor if you feel symptoms of an infection.
You should always come at the doctor's appointment.
Antibiotics should be taken as prescribed by the doctor, even if symptoms have improved.
There should be only one sexual partner to prevent future infections.

don't do
Do not take other medicines other than those prescribed by your doctor or continue taking medicines from others.
Douching the vagina before seeing the doctor because the doctor has to collect a sample of secretions to detect infection and give medicine to the point of treatment.

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