Cooked rice warts

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Cooked rice warts

Cooked rice warts

It is a viral infection of the top layer of skin and is highly contagious, especially among children and adolescents. If the genitals will be called a sexually transmitted disease

Caused by poxvirus, a virus that is transmitted through person-to-person contact or by wearing a shirt of an infected person.

The infected person has no itching, tenderness at the wart at all. which has been infected for 2-7 weeks and then the blister will appear The blisters appear on the face, eyelids, underarms, groin. The blisters usually do not appear on the palms, soles of the feet, and the mouth. The upper middle part of the blister is pus-filled with a virus. It can heal on its own in the next several weeks and leave no scars.

No specific testing methods are required. The doctor only looked at the appearance of blisters on the skin. Perhaps a sample of pus may be taken for laparoscopy for diagnosis.

The blister can heal on its own. But only those infected must take care not to infect others or other organs. Other treatments such as lasers, fizzing, or scraping which may cause scars And the disease can occur more than once if sharing items or coming into contact with an infected person again. Therefore, stay away from people who have been infected.

Things to do
Sexual intercourse with a person with genital warts should be avoided.
The wart site should be kept clean and covered with gauze to reduce the spread of infection.
You should see your doctor right away if the wart gets worse.

don't do
Do not share hand towels with others until the wart has healed.
Do not scratch the wart and touch other parts of the body as this will not only spread the infection to other parts but will also increase the localized infection.
Do not go swimming in public pools, facial sounds, and bathtubs. until the wart is healed to prevent infecting others

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