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It is caused by infection of the skin and the underlying tissues.


It is caused by a bacterium called group A streptococci. The infection occurs in normal people with poor health problems at a very young or old age, or people with impaired immune systems. (AIDS) or people infected with HIV People with diabetes or those with alcohol dependence are also more likely to develop the disease. or a wound after surgery

will feel pain on the skin Pain, swelling, redness, heat and cracking in the rim Small and large blisters appear on the red and swollen area. This infection can occur on the face but is more common on the legs. or occurs after cardiac bypass near the veins; other symptoms such as fever, chills, headache, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, enlarged lymph nodes

from looking at past medical history and physical examination Collect mucus samples in the nasal cavity and throat for culture. find streptococcus blood test for white blood cells If the number increases, it indicates an infection.

Antibiotics are the best treatment for people with frequent or severe infections. If treated properly, symptoms disappear within a few days. If not promptly treated will become a purulent abscess infection into the bloodstream Peripheral ischemia and tissue death These problems often occur in people with low immunity, such as diabetes, alcohol dependence, HIV, or people with blood clots in the peripheral arteries.

Things to do
Legs should be placed properly to help with swelling.
Clothes, sheets, towels should be washed separately from others by using hot water.
Antibiotics should be taken until the wound has healed.
You should consult your doctor if the antibiotic is effective and your redness worsens.
See your doctor if you have fever, chills, or lightheadedness when standing up, or a fast heartbeat.

don't do
do not stop the antibiotic Although symptoms have improved since erysipelas is a serious infection, the medication must be taken as prescribed by the doctor.
Do not fantasize the cream or lotion on the wound. If the wound is broken, wrap it with normal gauze.
Do not allow family members to share towels or other items as they may be infected with bacteria from the wound.

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