HIV infection

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HIV infection

HIV infection

It causes a weakening of the immune system, known as AIDS. Because the virus destroys white blood cells called lymphocytes for a blood test that is too early. Blood results may be negative. or not found infection After several months, the result is either positive or infected. AIDS can develop worse when the body's systems are weakened.

Get infected by having sex with a partner, whether of the same sex or opposite sex. or sharing syringes left to donate blood can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy And touching by holding hands straight does not cause infection.

At first there were no symptoms. Onset of symptoms similar to fever 1-6 weeks after infection, including pain in the buttocks, weakness, fever, vomiting, rash, erupted from these symptoms. Patients do not have any symptoms until the virus weakens the immune system in the body. Once lost, it will infect various organs such as lungs, eyes, skin and lead to death. Other symptoms include diarrhea, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, memory loss, mouth sores, night sweats. Skin cancer, swollen glands, intellectual problems

From taking the history of treatment physical examination and blood test

It depends on the severity of the infection. An internal medicine doctor will prescribe drugs that boost the immune system against the virus. and monitor the results of the medication from the blood test The drug may cause a decrease in appetite. Therefore, adequate nutrition for the patient must be managed. and prevent further infections Encouragement is one way to heal and avoid spreading the infection to others. using condoms and not donating blood or semen

Things to do
should come to the doctor's appointment
Wear a condom before having sex and tell your partner about the blood test so the other person can get a quick diagnosis.
It should be avoided from people who have other infections.
should eat nutritious food just rest and exercise
Should find a person to help with mental problems.
Tell your doctor if the patient is pregnant or plans to become pregnant.
Each bottle of milk should be boiled after use.
You should see your doctor if you have signs of infection such as fever, cough, severe diarrhea, vomiting, severe stomach pain.

don't do
don't donate blood semen or organs
Do not stop taking the medication on your own until your doctor tells you to.
Do not drink alcohol, use drugs or share syringes.

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