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It is a disease that is often found in minor skin infections. Usually occurs in children or infants. It can spread quickly from person to person just in crowded places. Transferred from siblings to siblings or close people

Two types of bacteria, straphylococcus and streptococcus, cause impetigo. Both or just one can be found because these bacteria live on our skin and can cause infection when bitten, scratched, scraped by animal wounds. because hands touch toys or other things without washing hands

Impetigo starts with a painless blister. at the face especially around the nose and mouth The blister is clear or light yellow in color. When it bursts, it becomes brown flakes. The blisters may itch and sting. but never left a scar

Examine the wound on the skin and check for bacteria by using a cotton swab smeared into the water blister Blood and urine are collected and sent to make sure there are no other complications.

Impetigo should be treated early to prevent the infection from spreading under the skin. If not treated promptly, the blister will last for weeks. The disease responds rapidly to medication in combination with disinfectant bleach and rinse. Most of the time, symptoms will go away within 7-10 days. Topical antibiotics will help kill the bacteria.

Things to do
You should keep your body clean and wash with disinfectant soap at least once a day.
Soap should be washed every time when there is a wound. being cut or bitten or scratched by an animal
Children's toys should be kept clean regularly.
You should tell your doctor if you feel anything wrong with taking the medicine.
Children's nails should be clipped to prevent scratching.
Should see a doctor immediately when symptoms do not improve within 7-10 days. Has a fever or is infected with family members bloody urine, etc.

what not to do
Do not squeeze or crush the water blister.
You should not be in close contact with other people if you are infected.
Do not shave the area with blisters.

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