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It is an infection of the skin and hair glands or the skin at the base of the hair. When the gland ruptures, an infection develops as white pustules appear on the skin. can happen to anyone

Caused by bacteria known as 'straphyloccus' or 'pseudomonas' which cause inflammation Anyone can be infected, especially those who are poorly maintained, diabetic, or people with chronic illnesses. Groups of people who like to soak in public hot tubs or facial sound In hotels, the greater the risk.

Symptoms are found in small pustules around the root of the hair. Pustules can occur all over the body. feel pain when touched The surrounding skin is red and itchy.

from the examination of pustules on the skin Sometimes it may be necessary to collect a pus sample to determine whether it is a drug-resistant infection or not.

In the minor cases, it can heal on its own within 2-3 days. The more severe cases, the skin must be washed with an antibacterial soap. Maybe add a liniment containing antibiotics as well. For people with severe symptoms, an antibiotic regimen may be increased for 1-2 weeks.

Things to do
The skin should be cleaned at least once a day using the soap your doctor has prescribed.
Should follow the steps of treatment and take care of yourself to be clean, especially patients with diabetes. or chronic disease, the more likely it is
Avoid going to hot tubs or sounding in public places.

don't do
Do not scratch the infected area. because the infection spreads more

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