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Scars are caused by tissue that regenerates more than usual. Can occur anywhere in the body when injuries such as burns, large pimples, scratches

Caused by excessive tissue build-up when the wound is healing No one knows the exact cause. It's not a contagious thing and it's not tissue that can become cancerous. Keloids can happen to anyone and every skin type.

The keloid will develop into a raised pink lump, it may be black or red, it can form a scar from a wound on the skin. Or it may start with a small wound such as an ear piercing wound. More meat will increase in size, but the color will fade. Keloids are different from scar tissue that builds up too much. This will look like an uneven and red lump and is not caused by wound healing, which can be smaller and paler. Both scar tissue and keloid are not painful but itchy. If it occurs in the area where the joint may be difficult to move.

Look at the appearance of the patient's scars.

There is no effective treatment for keloids. Prevention is better. Avoid unnecessary piercings, tattoos, or surgeries. There are different types of treatments. Some people are lost, some may be back in the same place. Treatments such as surgery, injections, steroids, pharyngoscopy, or lasers, where surgery don't work very well, sometimes come back bigger. steroid injections to make the keloids smaller Fizzing is causing the keloids to flatten. The laser makes the bb fade and flatten the keloid. New methods include chemotherapy. interferon immiquimod retinoic acid tacrolimus cream.

Things to do
should find something to hide Keloids if you feel they are affecting your daily life.
should lead a normal, healthy life with no prohibitions on keloids
You should consult your doctor if you notice any signs of keloids.

What not to do
No piercings, tattoos, or surgery should be done unnecessarily. If you've had keloids in the past

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