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It is a contagious disease caused by a virus. Onset of symptoms 7-14 days 4-10 days after being infected

Measles is caused by a virus that is easy to spread to other people. because of air contact just being near an infected person share can stick The best way to prevent infection is vaccination. in preschool children, young children, adolescents, working adults and people who have never been vaccinated. Adults can contract measles even if they have been vaccinated once and need to go to a place where the measles epidemic is. Therefore, it must be injected to stimulate the immune system, one more needle. Complications that can occur are ear infections, pneumonia, pharyngitis, meningitis.

Initial symptoms are fever, tiredness, weight loss, runny nose, sneezing, dry cough, sensitivity to light, white spots on the cheeks and throat. and found a reddish-brown rash starting from the forehead, around the ears and spreading down to the body. The fever subsides by the second or third day of the rash. when spreading down to the feet The rash heals gradually within 7-10 days.

from treatment history and physical examination no specific examination but had to collect the blood of a friend to confirm the diagnosis

The patient should be isolated from 4 days after the rash and rest until the fever subsides and the rash disappears. Artificial tear drops to prevent dry eyes Wear sunglasses to prevent burning eyes Do not use aspirin. Use acetamenophen to reduce fever because aspirin in children under 16 years of age is at risk of Reye's syndrome and adequate fluid intake.

Things to do
Tell your doctor if you're pregnant because measles affects the baby.
You should wear a mask to protect yourself when coughing.
You should wash your hands often and tell your close ones to do it as well.
There should be a vaporizer to help with coughing.
Artificial tears should be instilled when the eyes are dry. and wear sunglasses to protect from the sun
You should see your doctor as soon as your sore throat starts. High fever or severe headache, chest tightness, trouble breathing, lethargy, ear pain, coughing up yellow sputum.

don't do
Do not allow children to go to school after the rash for 10 days.
Do not give aspirin to a child younger than 16 years old.

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