Environmental Medicine

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Laryngitis is swollen inflammation. reddening of the vocal cords resulting in hoarseness The vocal cords are mucous membranes in the larynx. When the vocal cords are swollen, the sound produced by the air passing through the cord is distorted. So hoarse voice Laryngitis usually clears up in 2 to 3 weeks, but over time the illness becomes chronic or long-lasting. Chronic laryngitis may take much longer to go away, depending on the cause.

electrical injury Electric shock (also called electric shock) is an injury caused by exposure to electric current. The severity of symptoms depends on the strength of the electric current. The path that flows through the body and the duration of contact. Burns, problems with the heart and brain. and other injuries to the body can occur. electric shock survivors usually healed But if the shock is severe, there may be long-lasting health problems.

It is a lifelong irritating disease and inflammatory lesions of the blood vessels of the mouth, genitals, eyes, joints, skin, brain and nerves. This disease occurs when the immune system is overactive and attacks different parts of the body (an autoimmune disease). Behcet's syndrome occurs twice as often in men as in women and usually begins in early adulthood.

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death and disease in the United States. Although regular exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CV) such as CHD and high blood pressure (hypertension) Many people do not exercise. Fitness is important to cardiovascular health.

One of the problems with insomnia is an airway obstruction from a loose muscle or OSA central sleep apnea, or obesity, with a short pause in breathing for about 10-30 seconds It occurs multiple times while sleeping, occurring in 4% in middle-aged men and 2% in women. It is considered a condition affecting the heart and blood vessels.

It is a disease that causes irritation on the skin after an irritant is found.

As a result of high-altitude tourism, such as mountains, approximately 50% of people experience symptoms at 15,000 feet, men and women equally, most of them affecting people with lung problems. and people below the atmosphere

Patchy hair loss on the head

What is a collapsed lung? It is a condition in which air leaks due to a lung tear. and attaches the lungs to the chest wall There is usually water between the pleura to allow the lungs to move and expand fully. So when the air leaks out the pleura. It will flatten the lungs and attach to the chest cavity.

Type 1 diabetes is lifelong. Prevents getting too much energy from food. Most of them are detected at the age of 12-15 years. This type of diabetes is caused by The beta cells in the pancreas cannot make the hormone insulin. which insulin acts to help absorb water into the cells which the body needs to use a lot of energy But people with diabetes have high blood sugar, but can't use it. and not enough to take into the body cells

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