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Patchy hair loss on the head

Heredity plays an important role in hair loss. Other factors such as the presence of testosterone, anxiety and stress. poor nutrition low red blood cell count Thyroid problems, pregnancy, scalp ringworm and medications such as oral contraceptives, anticancer drugs and lipid-lowering drugs. Or perhaps the hair was lost because of hair pulling, infection, burns, severe illness and surgery. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary. (caused by cancer drugs)


Hair loss can occur from all parts of the body such as the scalp, eyebrows, armpits, genitals, arms and legs. It can occur gradually or suddenly. It may be itchy if found to have eczema.

physical and blood tests to look for anemia, infection, arthritis, hormonal imbalance

Treatment doesn't always work. Your doctor may recommend a medication (minoxidil) to be placed on the hair loss area. It may help hair grow. But its effect is very different. Doctors may sometimes inject drugs (steroids) into the area where the hair is lost. Hair transplants can restore hair, wigs and weaves. It may reduce the appearance of hair loss. For scalp alopecia, a doctor can use a scalp-scaling medication. Therapy. In this therapy, the doctor removes the scalp every few weeks until it reaches the edges of the hair or until the scalp is thinned. Men with baldness can use finasteride as an oral medication to reduce hair loss and regrowth. Illnesses that cause hair loss, such as ringworm infection Anemia and hormonal imbalances require treatment. Self-recovery hair loss, like pregnancy and normal stress. will stop and new hair will grow But it may take several months.

Things to do

You should follow your doctor's instructions if you have anemia or hyperthyroidism.

Should avoid shampoo with alkaline PH value.

You should blow dry your hair after taking a shower.

Should use conditioner to make it easier to comb your hair, inform your doctor if you have signs of infection such as swelling, redness and heat.

You should wear a wig if you feel better.

don't do

Do not damage your hair by bleaching, straightening, using a hot comb or a hair dryer that is too hot or too much sunlight.

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