SimCPR by Jia



Practicing heart pumping with the SimCPRTrainer Can be used on both iOS and Android systems, the new model can replace the battery.

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Use a mannequin that can press depth.
at least 60 mm.
• Open the mobile app. and connect with
• Do not connect Bluetooth.
through the settings of the smart
• Check if the 'connect' message "connect" (below the Bluetooth symbol).
to be green Before starting the practice test
SimCPR Trainer App Users-guide
• If there are multiple SimCPRs Let's try to check. SimCPR-sensor also
Connected to your smartphone
• Try the Fast test (15 seconds) a few times to
get better results
• If you cannot connect to SimCPR, try opening it in Operation.
on all phone screen and then close all apps first!
• Try launching the SimCPR app on your smartphone again. and press the symbol
Bluetooth at the bottom left menu (Connect
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