JiaBlade L



Laryngoscope Blade size L Macintosh with curves No. 3 for adult


Categories : disposed CPR Recommend Airway


Laryngoscope Blade Macintosh with curves no. 3 for adult 

Specifications : 

Laryngoscope blade for diseases observation within the windpipe area used together with JLS-201 handle only 

Objectives : 

  1.  This is a tool for diseases observation within the windpipe area which is recommended to be used with JLS-201 handle only 

General specifications : 
  1. Conventional windpipe inserting tool ( with installed light bulb at the end of the check sheet)
  2. LED light to ensure the sufficient light 
  3. The immediate operation will occur when attached with JLS-201 handle 
  4. Single use only for hygienic purposes


Technical specifications : 

  1. Installed light bulb at the handle allowing the tool to be used with other company's blade 
  2. The swith will be turned on once the blade is attched witht the handle by providing the efficient light while operating ส
  3. The blade is made of rigid plastic so that it eases the inserting procedure แ
  4. Can be used in both children and adult 
  5. single use only for hygienic purposes 


  1. Minimum of 1 year guarantee starting from the recieving day 
  2.   ISO 13485 standard 
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