JIA A15 Batt


SKU : JLS-Abatt

HeartOn battery A15 AED mediana

Categories : Accessories AED


Electirc battery 

(Battery Defibrillation PAD)

1.      LiMnO2 Non-Rechargeable

2.      A handle of AED

3.      Lasts for  10 hours  at 20 celsius 

4.     Minimum of 200 times of shocking 

5.      Temperature resistant at  0-43 celsius 

6.      Humidity resistant at  5-95 RH

7.      Highly precise result 

8.      Cost effective and practical 

Specifications : 

  1.      Life Long up to 5 years

    2.      15V,4200mA

    3.      Durable connector with the specific models 

    4.      ISO13485 standard 

    Cautions : Single use only 

    Highly hygenic sterilised  

    Only used with mediana AED A15 

     single use is recommended 
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