JIA Adult bag set PVC


SKU : JLS-PambuA

PVC Mask Resuscitate Bag Set for Adult

Categories : Accessories ICU Recommend Mask Airway


Jia Bag for respiration set is recommended for single usage only for cleanliness according to international standards. The material is PVC for adult 

Specifications for Jia Bag set

1.        Weight 600 g. size 212*313 mm

2.        Made of  medical PVC grade plastic 

3.        Fully equipped and ready to use 
4.        Resuscitator Volume 1,650 ml

5.        Dead space 7 ml

6.        Pressure limit valve 60 ccH2O

7.        The most affordable price 

8.        outstanding container 

9.        ISO13485 Standard 

10.  Single use only 





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