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Zoll AED Plus Automatic electric heart vibrator, world standard, and cost effective

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Jia Zoll

Specific feature details Automatic electric shocker Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Requirements Automatic electrocardiogram With qualification
Purpose of use Used for electrical stimulation of the heart. In the event that the heart stops beating back to normal operation With an electrocardiogram analysis system with instructions on the various procedures of cardiac spasms

3. General features

3.1 is a small automatic pacemaker The weight is not more than 3.1 kg. Convenient to move.

3.2 The device is powered by 123A Lithium batteries that can be purchased in general photo stores.

3. The device can guide the user to both Thai language voice and text displayed on the screen.

There was a warning to make the chest deepen again if chest compressions were not deep enough.
4. The machine has an ECG Analysis Algorithm to analyze patients both young and old.

5. The machine is a product of the United States.

6. Manufacturer's factory must receive ISO 13485 standard.

7. The machine has received US FDA and Premarket approval (PMA) standards.

4. Technical specifications

1. Use waveforms in the heart to rectify the biphasic rectilinear.

2. Can automatically charge electricity when finding abnormalities that require heart twitching
3. can maintain the charge status for 30 seconds

4. Automatically use 120,150 and 200 J Biphasic power

5. Can be charged to the selected power level within 10 seconds

6. The system of the machine must meet the 2015 AHA Guidelines and can receive the electrocardiogram via the conductive media.

7. The machine has an automatic self-testing system to check whether the machine is ready for use or not.

With the following details:

Check, including battery capacity
 Electrocardiogram and integrated circuit analysis system
Connection to conductive media
CPR depth measurement sensor
Voice guidance system
Full-energy test system 
Electrode media can standby to prepare for life-saving operations for at least 5 years and have basic life support equipment such as scissors, gloves, razors.
Electrode media can tell the position of the hand to press the chest and can measure chest compressions according to the 2015 AHA Guidelines and real-time feedback for increased chest compressions. Efficiency in helping victims
Conductive sheet used on the machine Can track the CPR condition of the helper And can report results in both speech, text and symbols on the screen
The machine can check the operation of the machine by itself while starting the device and showing the readiness of the machine with the symbol.
Battery that is used on the device, has a useful life of 5 years or can be able to shake the heart 225 times or can track the work of the patient's heart for at least 13 hours. Able to thrust the heart again 9 times as a safety system
Able to detect Ventricular Fibrillation disorders with Amplitude> 100 µV and Wide Complex Ventricular Tachycadia
Can measure the resistance of the patient in the range 0-300 ohms
The machine has a LCD screen size 2.6 "x 1.3" (6.6 cm x 3.3 cm)
Can be connected to make adjustments to work values Or transfer the patient's information into the computer via IrDa Port
The machine is certified to work in the following environmental conditions                                                                 
1. Vibration: MIL Std.810F, Min.Helicopter Test
2. Shock: IEC 68-2-27; 100G
3. Altitude: -300 to15,000 ft
4. IP55

5. Equipment for use

1. 1 set of conductive media with CPR SENSOR

2. 1 set of 123A Lithium batteries
3. 1 shoulder bag for wearing the device
4. 1 set of Thai language instruction manual

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