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Automated External Defibrillator

1 For heart defibrillation in both children and adult without any additional equipment needed

2 . Easy to change by inserting different mode pads

3 Ready to use with defibrillator

4 Affordable price batteries and easy to change 

5 Cost effective pads

6 International standard 

7 Voice and visuals are installed to ease the usage 

8 Thai language is installed for the better understanding

9 2 sets of pads are provided for the immediate usage

10 Self test เsystem will be automatically operated from daily to monthly 

11 High memory storage  

Jia Phillip FRX (AED) details 

1. General specifiations 

2.         The machine is lighter than 2 kg, contained in a case which allows to be portable together with the batteries 

2.1.Deficrillation is allowed in both children and adult with any needs of additional equipments 

2.2.The machine has two parts which are Electrocardiogram evaluation , defibrillator  and voice explaination aystem 

2.3. Self test system for energy evaluation is installed

2.4. Thai language is provided 

2.5.The product is accepted and standardised as AHA CPR Guideline.

2.6.US  FDA และ Vibration test standard 

2.7.Made in the United States 

3.Technical specifications 

3.1.Electrocardiogram evaluation 

3.1.1. The signal for the correct pads position comes in alert light of voice 

3.1.2.Electrocardiogram can be received through defibrillating pads from AED 

3.1.3. Disposable batteries 

3.1.4. Electrocardiogram (ECG Waveform) or situations can be stored within the machine or memory card 

3.1.5  The information evaluation program for any practical siuations is installed 

3. Electrocardiogram regaining 

    3.1  The cardiogram comes in  Biphasic Truncated exponential with the highest energy power as AHA  not more than 200 J 

    3.2  Charging time for the highest energy is less than 10 seconds by using the energy from batteries 
    3.3  AED releases the electrict current for adult treatment at 32A and the resistance at 50 ohm and energy starting from 150 J 

    3.4.   Adhesive pads are able to used for heart stimulation 

    3.5 Automated heart wave analysis system is installed along with voice recommendation when there are abnormalities of the electrocardiogram 
    3.6  Defibrillating  recommendation system is installed 

    3.7  Regaining the heart wave can be succeeded with battery for over 140 times at the highest energy or can be used continuously up to 4 hours

    3.8  Battery's life time is over 4 years 

4. Equipments provided : 

    4.1  Multifunction Adhesive Pads for adult or children     1  set

    4.2  Case for the machine carriage                                      1  bag

    4.3  Battery                                                                          1  set 

5. Specific Conditions : 

    5.1 2 years guarantee for the machine
    5.2 Experienced staffs from the firm will accompany with medical personnels and instruct them until they are able to use the equipment correctly

5.3 The proposed company must be direct distributors from producers or factories 

    5.4 New product never been used  

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