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Automated External Defibrillator 

  1. Use for external heart stimualtion in both children and adult without using any additional tools 
  2. Change to different mode by moving the switch 
  3. The operation  will be automatically turned when the lid is opened 
  4. The battery contains 4.2Ah/15V
  5. The heart stimulation can be performed up to 200 times 
  6. Lasts long up to 10 hours 
  7. The sound and visuals are installed for the usage convenience
  8. Thai laugae is also provided 
  9. Multilangual is provided only change the SD card
  10. Self test sytem is provided weekly to monthly 
  11. Information can be stored for a long period of time 

General specifications 

1.             Defibrillator with portable size and light weight 

2.             Outstanding color for the better notice 

3.             Weight less than 3 kilograms 

4.             Voice recommendation is installed 

5.             Can be used with both children and adult 

Technical specifications 

1.             Defibrillator uses Biphasic Truncated Exponential (BTE) Waveform (Impedance Compensation) wave 

2.             Electirc charge done automatically when some abnormalities occur as well as the alert sound for the heart defibrillating 

3.             Heart stimulating power for adult is recommended at 185-200 Joule

4.             Heart stimulating power for children is recommended at 45-50 Joule

5.             Used togeter with adhesive pads attached with glued tapes 

6.             The electricity from the machine can be used in CPR situations 

7.             Abnormality of VT/VF can be accomplished with the machine 

8.             Patients information can be transferred to computer through SD card and IR communication port 

9.             Battery life time is up to 5 years allowing up to 200 times of heart stimulaitings 

Equipements : 

1.              Adhesive pads                                      1  pc. 

2.             A bag pack for the machine                   1  bag 

3.             LiMnO2 battery                                     1  battery 

4.             Thai-English manual                              1  set/ language 

5.             Brief manual                                           1  set

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