Jia wall mount For AED



Jia Wall Mount AED

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Jia AED box 

Details : 

Jia AED box is a box created for carrying every types of AED which can be customized. The alarm light and sound are installed so that the emergencies can be noticed once the box is opened. The box is made of strong steel. 

Technical qualifications : 

1. Door steel sheet 1.5 mmt
2. Body plate and steel sheet 1.0 mmt
3. In door IP 40
4. See through glass allowing the inside operation can be clearly observed 
5. Safely secured key by pressing-bouncing method 
6. Pretreatment by zinc phosphate process power code in texture
7. Alarm with light and sound when open door 
9. On. Battery AA 8 ก้อน  Stand by 1 year.
10. Depth 200 mm. X Lenght 400 mm. X Height 450 mm.

General qualifications 

Strong steel cabinet 

Made in Thailand Government policy 4.0 

See through glass for inside operating observation 

Special made  door which is seperated from the cabinet  

Water and rust proof edge 

Ready to use hole for any places or walls installation 

Alarm light and sound will be acctivated when the door is opened 

Durable and last long battery 

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